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The 73rd world foundry congress 2018 (WFC 2018)

Clariant supports WFC 2018 with gold sponsorship!

The 73rd World Foundry Congress (WFC 2018) is organized by the strong contribution of World Foundry Organization (WFO).

As the lifetime legacy sponsor of WFO, we are proud to announce that we support WFC 2018 by our gold sponsorship too.

We’re also supporting a sustainable foundry industry with our unique Low Emission Technology for green sand casting. This year in Poland, we will present you Low Emission Technology which allows foundries to reduce BTEX emissions from their green sand system by up to 80 % and to produce the highest quality castings at optimum productivity.

Our dedication to sustainability doesn’t stop at invention and production, but goes far beyond. Please discover our Low Emission Technology by your participations to the presentation of its inventor and let’s discuss how we can activate environmental responsibility together in our booth with the great team make it real.

We look forward to seeing you in Krakow!