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The Business Area Catalysis is the smallest within Clariant in terms of sales but is highly profitable with high growth rates and relatively low cyclicality.


Business Area Catalysis includes Business Unit Catalysts and Business Line Biofuels & Derivatives contributing significantly to value creation in our customers’ operations, ensuring that finite raw materials and energy are used efficiently and effectively, ensuring quality and yield of processes.

Customer Segments
  • Chemical production (Petro, Olefin and Derivatives, Polyolefin, Industrial gases, Hydrogen, Refinery)
  • Fuel processing
  • Custom catalysts
  • Second-generation biofuels 
  • Biochemical intermediates
Business Driver
  • Improving energy efficiency in chemical production
  • Decarbonization of the transport sector
  • Sustainable, emission-free mobility solutions
  • Circular economy solutions through the extensive use of renewable resources
  • Increasing legal requirements for renewable energy sources