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Natural Resources

The Business Area Natural Resources, consisting of the businesses Oil & Mining Services, Functional Minerals, and Additives, is characterized by high growth and low cyclicality as well as a strong megatrend orientation.


Business Area Natural Resources comprises the Business Unit Oil and Mining Services, Functional Minerals, and Additives adding value through enhanced sustainability benefits and by enabling circularity, supporting recycling solutions and reducing customers’ dependency on fossil resources, thereby achieving a lower carbon footprint.

Customer Segments
  • Oil and Mining Services
  • Functional Minerals
  • Additives

Business Driver
  • Stricter global chemical regulations and customer expectations driving sustainability in oil, mining and purification as well as circularity in plastics, coatings and adhesives
  • Lightweight, sustainable fire safety and thermo-resistance requirements for digitalization and e-mobility
  • Consumer demand for enhanced health and safety