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Octaflo® EF conc.

Type I Aircraft de-icing fluid

Edition Date :
May 31, 2022
Octaflo EF is an AMS 1424, propylene glycol based Type I de-icing fluid. It was developed to be a low aquatic toxicity fluid. It is a low foaming fluid which evenly covers the aircraft surfaces.


  • Low foaming application ensures easy identification of any remaining frozen deposits on the wing
  • Superior wetting properties prevents premature re-icing of already treated surfaces
  • Improved inhibitor package allows the preparation of fluid dilutions with water of different quality and hardness
  • Fully biodegradable, triazole free additive package, gives superior environmental profile
  • Low freezing point (below -65°F) provides operational flexibility
Product Function
  • De-icing Fluid


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Octaflo® EF conc.

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