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Anodal® Color S-2

Aluminum Chemical

Edition Date :
July 08, 2021
Anodal® Color S-2 is a high performing, aqueous, sulphuric acid concentrate consisting of stabilizers and throwing power assistants in optimum composition, for improving the stability and throwing power of coloring electrolytes based on tin sulphate.


  • Outstanding bath stability
  • Excellent throwing power
  • Increased rate of coloring
  • Metal free
  • Very good direct current stability
  • Levelling agent


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Anodal® Color S-2

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Product Data

Delivery form   Clear, brownish solution
[kg/m³] 1150
pH value   < 1
Boiling point
[°C] Approx. 100
Storage stability   5 years in closed original container at 5-30°C


Anodal® Color S-2 is an aqueous concentrate of stabilizer/enhancer for improving the stability and throwing power of tin sulfate based electrolytic coloring baths. It ensures good electrolyte stability, reproducibility and uniform coloring results.

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