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Anodal® WT-1

Aluminum Chemical

Edition Date :
July 08, 2021
Anodal® WT-1 is a chemical for the decolorizing and precipitation process that separates the metal containing dyestuffs from the aqueous solution.  The clear liquid and the precipitated dyestuffs can then be separated by sedimentation or filtration.


Easy discoloration and removal of dyes of spent dye baths.


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Anodal® WT-1

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Product Data

Delivery form Colorless, clear liquid
Density [kg/m³] 1155+/- 15
Viscosity at 20°C ~40 mPa.s
(Brookfield RVT, 100 rpm, spindle 1)
pH value 3.5 +/- 1
Dilutability Dilutable with water in any proportion
Max. Storage time 5 years in closed original containers at 5°C to 30°C


Anodal® WT-1 is used for the disposal of spent dyebaths containing Sanodye®, Sanodure® and Sanodal® dyes. It is applied at concentrations of 0.4-5.0 ml/g dye.
If necessary an inoroganic precipitant (e.g. FeCl3) is added to the spent dye bath. The bath is then neutralized to pH 8.0-8.5 before adding Anodal® WT-1.

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