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Copy Charge N4P

Charge Control Agent for Toners

Edition Date :
September 12, 2014
Copy Charge N4P is a colorless negative Charge Control Agent (CCA) for electrophotographic toners. 
It can be incorporated into black and color toners as well as one- or two-component toners.


  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Ecologically and toxicologically advantages due to inorganic basis and lack of heavy metals
  • For use in black and color toners
  • For use in one- or two components toners



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Copy Charge N4P

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Product Data

Physical Data

Triboelectric Behavior [µC/g] -17 +3
Typical Particle Size Distribution (D50)  [µm] < 15.0
Volatile Matter [%] < 1.5
Conductivity [mS/cm] < 1
Density   [g/cm³]  0.75

Further technical information can be obtained upon request.


Toner Applications

Process Colors
Spot Colors
Black Toners
Colored Toners
Polyester Based Systems
Common Toner Resins

■ highly recommended
● recommended
○ limited suitability
- not recommended

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