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Cosmenyl Red BLS gran.

Pigment Red 5

Edition Date :
September 26, 2014

Cosmenyl Red BLS gran. is a granulated pigment preparation recommended for the coloration of chalks, finger paints and latex, as well as home & personal care products, especially soap.


  • Included in at least one of the authorized use lists for cosmetic colorants for the EU, USA or Japan
  • Selected for coloration of toiletries and cosmetics or home and fabric care products in liquid, paste or powder form
  • Microbiological purity specified
  • Recommended for the use in products bearing eco-labels


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Cosmenyl Red BLS gran.

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Cosmenyl Black R complies with the requirements for cosmetic colorants defined by the European Union Regulation No. 1223/2009. This directive is valid for all countries of the European Union, and it is used as guideline by many other countries.

Clariant’s colorants suitable for the use in products bearing eco-labels meet also the requirements for not being bio-accumulating. Assessment of the logKow (partition coefficient oil/water) values indicates that all the colorants meet the lowest threshold defined in the corresponding Nordic Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel product group guidelines.

Product Data

Physical Data
Density [g/cm³]  

approx. 0.43

Viscosity [Pa*s]  


Average Particle Size [nm]  


pH Value  


Total Solid approx. [%]  


Content approx. [%]  








Fastness Data
Light Fastness  DIN 54004  
  Soap (0.02%)


  Emulsion Paint FS


  Deep Shade


  1/3 SD


Alkaline Fastness DIN 16524 sheet 2/ 54001  5


Cosmenyl Red BLS gran. is a granulated pigment preparation that is recommended for the coloration of chalks, finger paints and latex, as well as personal care products, cosmetics, detergents and cleaners.


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