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Flexonyl Carmine SP-FBB

Pigment Red 146

Edition Date :
September 16, 2014
Flexonyl Carmine SP-FBB is a pigment dispersion of approx. 40% pigment and is based on nonionic dispersing and wetting agents and glycerine. The Colour Index of the basic pigment is Pigment Red 146. Highly suitable for stationery, woodstains, latex, viscose and detergent application.


  • Can be delivered with microbiological specification on request
  • High concentrated pigment preparation
  • Based on nonionic dispersing and wetting agents
  • Flowable and pumpable pigment preparations
  • Finely dispersed


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Flexonyl Carmine SP-FBB

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Product data

Physical Data
Density  [g/cm³]   1.15
Specific surface  [m³/g]   -
Oil absorption number  [ml/100g]  -
Avg. size of primary particles 
[nm] -
Heat stability
[°C]  -
pH-value   -
[Pa*s] <2

Fastness Data
in full shade emulsion paint in a white emulsion paint
Light fastness 5 5
Alkali 5  
Acid 5  


Highly Suitable for
  • Writing inks
  • School & hobby requisites
  • Artist's colors
  • Wood stains & protection
  • Leather shoe care products
  • Latex
  • Viscose fibers


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