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Flexonyl Red SP-FGR

Pigment Red 112

Edition Date :
September 16, 2014
Flexonyl Red SP-FGR is a pigment preparation of approx. 48% pigment and is based on anionic dispersing and wetting agents and glycerine. The Colour Index of the basic pigment is Pigment Red 112. Highly suitable for stationery, woodstains,latex and viscose.


  • Can be delivered with microbiological specification on request
  • High concentrated pigment preparation
  • Based on noionic dispersing and wetting agents
  • Flowable and pumpable pigment preparations


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Flexonyl Red SP-FGR

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Product data

Physical Data
Density  [g/cm³]   1.20
Specific surface  [m³/g]   -
Oil absorption number 
[ml/100g]  -
Avg. size of primary particles 
[nm] -
Heat stability
pH-value   -
[Pa*s] <2.0

Fastness Data

in full shade emulsion paint in a white emulsion paint
Light fastness 7 5
Alkali 5  
Acid 5  


  • Writing inks
  • School & hobby requisites
  • Artist's colors
  • Wood stain & protection
  • Leather shoe care products
  • Latex
  • Viscose

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