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Hostaperm Green GNX-C

Pigment Green 7

Edition Date :
September 16, 2014
Hostaperm Green GNX-C is a powder pigment that is recommended for the coloration of personal care products and cosmetics. The pigment meets the requirements for cosmetic ingredients in EU (CI 74260), EU Cosmetic Application Field 2. Material meets Clariant´s strict purity requirements.


  • Microbiological purity specified
  • Included in the authorized use list for cosmetic colorants for the EU


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Hostaperm Green GNX-C

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Product Data

Density: approx. 2.05 g/cm³


Hostaperm Green GNX-C is a colouring agent for personal care products. It is allowed in all cosmetic products except those intended to be applied in the vicinty of eyes (e.g. eye make up and eye make up removers)

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