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Hostanol HW 30 Blue B2G

Pigment Blue 15:3

Edition Date :
July 12, 2021
Hostanol Blue B2G-HW 30 is a non-dusting pigment preparation in microgranular form, with a low-viscosity polyvinyl butyral as binder. Because of the binder used, this pigment preparation has a very good solubility in alcohols and glycol ethers.


  • non-dusting
  • good solubility in alcohols and glycol ethers
  • excellent transparency
  • high tinting strength
  • brilliance in shade 


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Hostanol HW 30 Blue B2G

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Product Data

Physical & Chemical Data
Pigment  [%]  50
Light fastness   8
Average particle size [nm]




Recommended fields of application are solvent-based wood stains.

Hostanol HW 30 pigment preparations are produced as non-dusting

granules. They are based on low-viscosity polyvinyl-butyral as

polymeric binder. Hostanol HW 30 shows excellent solubility in

alcohols and glycol ethers as well as in mixtures of alcohols and

esters or in mixtures of alcohols, esters and ketones. While

providing high tinting strength they show excellent transparency

and brilliance in shade.

Stationery Applications

Fields of application

> alcohol-based marker inks and dry wipe inks for white board markers

> suitable for paints for painting on glass

> coating of aluminum foils


> very good solubility of the binder in alcohols and glycol ethers

> good solubility in combinations of alcohols and esters and mixtures of alcohols, esters and ketones


> incorporation of Hostanol HW 30 in a solvent or solvent mixture or corresponding binder solution can be carried out in 30-60 minutes, depending on the stirring unit

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