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Hostanol HW 30 Red F5RK

Pigment Red 208

Edition Date :
September 12, 2021
Hostanol Red HF2B-HW 30 is a non-dusting pigment preparation in microgranular form, with a low-viscosity polyvinyl butyral as binder. Because of the binder used, this pigment preparation has a very good solubility in alcohols and glycol ethers.


  • non dusting pigment preparation
  • good solubility in alcohols and glycol ethers


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Hostanol HW 30 Red F5RK

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Product Data

Physical & Chemical Data
Pigment  [%]  50
Light fastness   6-7
Average particle size [nm]



  • permanent marker inks
  • white board marker inks
  • wood stains

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