PV Fast Orange H2GL

Pigment Orange 64

Edition Date :
July 08, 2021
PV Fast Orange H2GL is a strong and brilliant red shade orange with excellent fastness properties and high heat stability recommended in a wide range of applications and polymers.
  • Excellent fastness properties
  • High heat stability

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PV Fast Orange H2GL

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Product Data
Physical and Chemical Properties
Density [g/cm³]  1.58
Bulk volume[l/kg] 3.8 
Average particle size[nm]94 
Alkali resistance 5
Acid resistance 5
Specific surface [m2/g] 27

Fastness Properties
SD 1/3 [g/kg]
Hue angle [°]44.945.046.742.944.445.3
Chroma 70.170.470.465.869.869.2
Light fastness
(Full shade) 8877-86-77-8
Light fastness
Heat resistance [°C] 300300-300270300
Weathering fastness 4-5-----

Additional Technical Properties
Low warping applications Limited suitability
Cable sheathingLimited suitability 
Fastness to bleeding in P-PVC5


Suitable  Limited suitability Not suitable
PVC/ Rubber POM  PET Fiber 
PS/ ABS  PBT  PA Fiber 
PUR  PAN Fiber   
PP Fiber     
Limiting concentration in HDPE
Reflection curve