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Savinyl Pink 6BLS

Solvent Red 127

Edition Date :
January 01, 2014
Savinyl Pink 6BLS is a solvent soluble metal complex dye.


  • Excellent solubility in polar organic solvents
  • Good fastness properties


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Savinyl Pink 6BLS

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Product Data

Application Profile
Writing Inks
 School and Hobby Requisits
 Artist's Colors
WoodWood Stains
 Wood Protection
LeatherShoe Care Products
 Leather Finish

Textile Printing
AgroSeed Treatment

■ highly recommended
● recommended
○ limited suitability
-  not recommended

Physical Data
Density [g/cm3]1.3
Bulk Density approx.  [kg/m3]
pH Value   -
Surface Tension approx.  [mN/m] -
Conductivity, typical value
Contents Dye Content approx. [%] -
 Chloride approx.
 Sulfate approx. [%]-
 Calcium approx. [%]-
 Iron approx.

Fastness Data
Light Fastness 4
Alkali Fastness
Acid Fastness
Melting Point
Sublimation Fastness