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Viscofil Blue ARN

Pigment Blue 15

Edition Date :
January 01, 2014
Viscofil Blue ARN is a pigment preparation of approx. 33% pigment and contains anionic dispersing and wetting agents and propylene glycol. This finely dispersed pigment dispersion is suitable for the dope dyeing of viscose, latex and fertilizer


  • Finely dispersed


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Viscofil Blue ARN

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Product Data

Physical Data
Density [g/cm³]  1.2
[Pa·s] < 2
Specific surface [m²/g] -
Average particle size
[nm] -
Pigment content
[%]  approx. 33
Water content
[%] approx. 49

Fastness Data
1% in viscose fiber 5% in viscose fiber
Light fastness - 8 8
Alkali fastness 5 - -
Acid fastness 5 - -


Viscofil Blue ARN is recommended for:
  • Seed treatment
  • Latex
  • Viscose

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