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Hansa Brilliant Yellow 2GX 72-S

Pigment Yellow 74

Edition Date :
July 08, 2021
Hansa Brilliant Yellow 2GX 72-S is a modified version with a highly efficient and widely compatible additive. Optimum tinting strength can be achieved in relatively short time using a dissolver and suitable dispersing agents. The simplified dispersion process that does not include a bead mill results in a cost efficient manufacturing of pigment dispersions. Furthermore dispersions made with Hansa Brilliant Yellow 2GX 72-S can be used to tint the new generation of low VOC decorative paints.*

* As defined in EU directive 2004/42/EC, annex II, phase II. VOC standards and regulations vary by location. Product specific VOC information is available to customers upon request. It is the responsibility of the coatings manufacturer to determine standard compliance and appropriate claim for their products.


  • Very high weather fastness
  • High overspray fastness
  • High tinting strength and brilliance
  • Easily be dispersed with a dissolver


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Hansa Brilliant Yellow 2GX 72-S

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Product Data

Application Profile
Decorative Paints

Special Recommendations
Air-drying Alkyds
Physically Drying Paints
Baking Enamels
Acid Cured Paints
Amine Cured Epoxies
Isocyanate Cured Paints
Waterbased Paints

● recommended
○ limited suitability
-  not recommended

Physical Data
Density [g/cm3] 1.39
Form of Supply
Specific surface
Avg. Size of Primary Particles
pH value
Conductivity [mS/cm] 0.04

Fastness Data
     to Light
   to Weathering
 Emulsion Paint

  12 month
Deep shade
  -   3-4
1/25 ST
-   2-3
Fastness to Alkali   5    

More Information

For more details see our Innovation Spotlight video.


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