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Hostaprint Violet RL 34 VP5296

Pigment Violet 23

Edition Date :
July 08, 2021
Hostaprint Violet RL 34 VP5296 is a very strong and brilliant violet pigment preparation. In combination with phthalocyanine pigments it is possible to match navy shades economically.




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Hostaprint Violet RL 34 VP5296

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Product Data

Physical and Chemical Properties
Polymer carrier   vinyl chloride / vinyl acetate copolymer
Pigment content   ca. 50%
[g/cm³]  1.37
Alkali resistance   5
Acid resistance   5

Additional Technical Properties
SD 1/3
[g/kg]  5.0
Light fastness
(Reduction) 7-8
Light fastness
(Full shade) 7-8
Fastness to bleeding   4
Limiting concentration
Limiting concentration
(PVC-R) 0.01%



Rigid PVC  Plasticized PVC
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Tubes/Pipes  Tubes/Hoses 
  Cable Sheathing 
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