Sanolin Lave Yellow GX liq. VP 5220

Non-Staining Polymeric Dye

Edition Date :
December 24, 2021
Sanolin Lave Yellow GX liq. VP 5220 is a non-staining dye recommended for the coloration of fabric and home care products, as well as stationery (writing, drawing, marker inks). 


  • Very good non-staining behavior on skin, textiles and surfaces
  • High tinting strength
  • High transparency and brilliancy
  • Microbiologically purity specified
  • Recommended for use in products bearing eco-labels
  • Easy handling, dosing and cleaning of equipment


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Sanolin Lave Yellow GX liq. VP 5220

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Sanolin Lave Yellow GX liq. VP 5220 is suitable for the use in products bearing eco-labels and meets also the requirements for not being bio-accumulating. Assessment of the logPow (partition coefficient oil/water) value indicates that the colorant meets the lowest threshold defined in the corresponding Nordic Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel product group guidelines.

Sanolin Lave Yellow GX liq. VP 5220 meets Clariant's strict purity requirements, including microbiological specification.

Product Data

Physical Data

pH value  approx. 8


Fastness Data

Acid and alkali fastness acidic3-5
Light fastnessUV light exposure (72 h, 2 lamps

á 300 W)

test medium: 0.001 aqueous solutionvery good



  • Laundry: liquids, powders, fabric softener
  • Dish wash detergents: tabs & powders, hand-liquids
  • Cleaners: general purpose, cleaning powders, window cleaners, toilet cleaners & refreshers, floor cleaners
  • Stationery: writing, drawing, markers inks


Delivery form: liquid

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