3D printer filament


3D printer filament

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November 12, 2019

Polycarbonate + Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC+ABS) polymer blend is one of the most widely used engineering compounds that has high toughness, high impact strength and has high dimensional stability. Clariant optimizes PC+ABS with additives to achieve improved heat stability and resistance to thermo-oxidative degradation and yellowing.

General properties
  • Strong and tough engineering thermoplastic
  • High impact strength
  • High heat resistance
  • Good low temperature ductility

Optimized benefits
  • Reduced thermo-oxidative degradation
  • Minimized undesired yellowing due to ultraviolet light
  • Excellent flow characteristics

  • Mechanical and technical application parts that require strength and toughness
  • Prototypes
  • Tools, jigs, fixtures

*Subject to detailed product specifications.

  • Print Temperature = 260-285°C
  • Print Speed = 20-50 mm/s
  • Bed Adhesion = a thin coating of PVP glue on glass or carbon fiber
  • Bed Temperature = ideally heated up to 110°C (use an enclosed chamber if possible)
  • Fan Settings = low

Note: parameters are dependent on printer used; Clariant tests were performed on an Ultimaker 3 extended, an Ultimaker S5 and a 3ntr A4 V2 printer.

Property Typical ValuesUnitsTest MethodTest Specimen
Tensile stress at yield, 50 mm/min55555555MPaISO 527Injection molded
58MPaISO 5273D printed XY / flat at 280°C

--MPaISO 5273D printed XZ / on edge at 280°C

--MPaISO 5273D printed ZX / upright at 280°C
Tensile stress at break, 50 mm/min

MPaISO 5273D printed XY / flat at 280°C

49MPaISO 5273D printed XY / flat at 280°C

54MPaISO 5273D printed XZ / on edge at 280°C

20MPaISO 5273D printed ZX / upright at 280°C
Tensile elongation at yield, 50 mm/min 

 %ISO 527Injection molded
4.5%ISO 5273D printed XY / flat at 280°C

--%ISO 5273D printed XZ / on edge at 280°C


--%ISO 5273D printed ZX / upright at 280°C
Tensile elongation at break, 50 mm/min18293434%ISO 527Injection molded
5.6%ISO 5273D printed XY / flat at 280°C

3.9%ISO 5273D printed XZ / on edge at 280°C

1.0%ISO 5273D printed ZX / upright at 280°C
Tensile modulus (modulus of elasticity), 1 mm/min    MPaISO 527Injection molded
 2086  2275MPaISO 5273D printed XY / flat at 280°C
 2267  2222MPaISO 5273D printed XZ / on edge at 280°C

2516  2059MPaISO 5273D printed ZX / upright at 280°C
Flexural modulus2290238023302300MPaISO 178injection molded
 22772224 2362MPaISO 1783D printed XY / flat at 280°C
Flexural strength83868985MPaISO 178Injection molded
 8081 91MPaISO 1783D printed XY / flat at 280°C
Izod impact notched55535158kJ/m2ISO 180Injection molded
Charpy impact notched    kJ/m2ISO 179Injection molded
 11  20kJ/m2ISO 1793D printed XY / flat at 280°C
Charpy impact unnotched    kJ/m2ISO 179Injection molded

103  104kJ/m2ISO 1793D printed XY / flat at 280°C
Melting pointn/an/an/an/a ISO 11357, DSCb 
Glass transition temperature113, 146113, 146 114, 144113, 145°CISO 11357, DSCb 
Heat deflection temperature at 1.8 MPa (A)101107107107°CISO 75Injection molded
 131117  °CISO 753D printed XY / flat at 280°C
Heat deflection temperature at 0.45 MPa (B)122123127126°CISO 75Injection molded
 129128 136°CISO 753D printed XY / flat at 280°C
Density1149115011451144kg/m3ISO 1183 
Volume 4.74.6 cm3ISO 1183 
pH 5.85.9 

1% in H2O
Water content - coulometric Karl Fischer
250100 μg/gISO 12937 
Water content0.
ISO 15512after drying at 120°C for 2 hours
non-volatile-matter content
99.899.8 %ISO 3251 
a. Organic based color. b. DSC = Differential Scanning Calorimetry at 10°C/minute.
Note: results are generated according to the valid testing standards indicated above and the standard operating procedures used by the testing facilities.
Standard Color Range
  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
ColorWorks® ColorForward® consumer color directions 2019
  • MADE IN HUMAN - Protect the core (red)
  • DO NOT DISTURB - ἀταραξία von has fidanken (green-blue)

ColorWorks® ColorForward® consumer color directions 2020

  • EYE AM WATCHED - Catch me if you can (orange)
Delivery form
1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameter 3D printer filament.

1 kg and 5 kg spools of 3D printer filament. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Ideally store the 3D printer filament in a cool, dry place at temperatures between 5 to 25°C in a sealed container with the provided Clariant Desi Pak® desiccant bag. If the 3D printer filament has been exposed to moisture, please dry at 100-110°C for 3-4 hours with a vacuum or desiccant drying system if possible. Minimum shelf life is 1 year from the date of shipping when properly stored.
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Please contact us for safety and regulatory details or the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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