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Polymerization process aid for the polyolefin industry


New polymerization process aid with antistatic function for being used in Spheripol technology for the manufacture of PP (complete product portfolio).

It is designed to replace currently used antistatic agents, which may come up with certain issues on their product profile. Use due to regulatory requirements reflected in the respective MSDS (full compliance with regulatory requirements). Food Contact Report available. Further approvals to be clarified in case of need.

ASLB-W is widely used as polymerization process aid in LyondellBasell’ s Spheripol technology. ASLB-W is already used in Spheripol lines with no, one or two gas phase reactors.

Product details
Product Function
  • Polymerization process aid
Chemical Type
  • Polyalkylene glycol
  • Polypropylene production
Please see Material Safety Data Sheet before handling the material.
Use level / dosage
ASLB-W consumption is defined by PP polymer grade production specification and ranges between 70 ppm and 400 ppm in Polypropylene. More details can be requested from LyondellBasell under above described contact address.

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