Sanolin Lave Red B liq VP 5222

Non-staining polymeric dye

Edition Date :
December 24, 2021
Sanolin Lave Red B liq. VP 5222 is a non-staining dye recommended for the coloration of fabric and home care products, as well as stationery (writing, drawing, marker inks). 


  • Very good non-staining behavior on skin, textiles and surfaces
  • High tinting strength
  • High transparency and brilliancy
  • Microbiologically purity specified
  • Recommended for use in products bearing eco-labels
  • Easy handling, dosing and cleaning of equipment


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Sanolin Lave Red B liq VP 5222

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Sanolin Lave Red B liq. VP 5222 is suitable for the use in products bearing eco-labels and meets also the requirements for not being bio-accumulating. Assessment of the logPow (partition coefficient oil/water) value indicates that the colorant meets the lowest threshold defined in the corresponding Nordic Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel product group guidelines.

Sanolin Lave Red B liq. VP 5222 meets Clariant's strict purity requirements, including microbiological specification.

Product Data

Physical Data

pH value  approx. 8


Fastness Data

Acid and alkali fastness acidic4-5
Light fastnessUV light exposure (72 h, 2 lamps

á 300 W)

test medium: 0.001 aqueous solutionvery good



  • Laundry: liquids, powders, fabric softener
  • Dish wash detergents: tabs & powders, hand-liquids
  • Cleaners: general purpose, cleaning powders, window cleaners, toilet cleaners & refreshers, floor cleaners
  • Stationery: writing, drawing, markers inks


Delivery form: liquid

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