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Permanent Carmine FB 01

Pigment Red 5

Edition Date :
July 08, 2021
Permanent Carmine FB 01 is a powder pigment recommended for the coloration of personal care products and cosmetics, meeting the requirements for cosmetic ingredients in EU (CI 12490). 


  • Included on the authorized use list for cosmetic colorants for EU (1223/2009)
  • Selected for coloration of toiletries and cosmetics (in accordance with the respective application fields) 
  • Microbiological purity specified


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Permanent Carmine FB 01

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Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet to have the complete and very latest safety information.     

Product Data

Physical Data


Fastness Data

Acid Fastness 5
Alkali Fastness 5
Light FastnessFull Shade7d

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