TexCare® SRN 170 Terra

Nonionic Soil Release Polyester for household and industrial products

Edition Date :
May 22, 2022
Soil release polymer for liquid and powder detergents. Delivers fabric hydrophilization & reduction of soil redepositioning in liquid laundry formulations. Compatible with Nordic Swan criteria.


  • Renewable Carbon Index of 75%
  • Broad tolerance to the most common surfactant systems
  • Improvement of primary detergency on oily and greasy soils
  • forms a hydrophilic film
Product Function
  • Soil Release Polymer
Chemical Type
  • Soil Release Polymers
  • Laundry pre-treatment
  • Laundry
  • Laundry liquid detergents
Performance Claims
  • Detergency booster
  • Soil release effect
  • Stain removal
  • Maintains whiteness
  • Hard water tolerant


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TexCare® SRN 170 Terra

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Fabrics made from polyester and polyester/cotton can be difficult to clean when they are soiled with oily or fatty stains. Such stains adhere strongly to the hydrophobic synthetic fibres, which are then only poorly wetted by the washing liquor. If these fabrics are washed with a detergent containing a soil release polymer from the TexCare® series, e.g. TexCare® SRN 170 Terra, the soil release polymer is adsorbed onto the hydrophobic fibres and forms a hydrophilic film. This prevents the soil from adhering directly to the fibres. Furthermore, the affinity of hydrophobic soils for the hydrophilic film is reduced significantly compared to the untreated fibres. This makes it much easier to remove oily stains from the fabric during subsequent washing.


Lime soap and various soils present in the washing liquor need to be dispersed in order to avoid redeposition onto the fabrics present. A detergent which poorly fulfills this requirement will lead to greying of the washed garments. Due to its amphiphilic structure, TexCare® SRN 170 Terra can effectively aid in the dispersion of this soil and prevents redeposition through repelling soil from the polyester fabric surface.


Wear comfort of clothes is a very important topic for consumers. Compared to hydrophilic cotton fabrics, vapour cannot pass through hydrophobic standard polyester fabrics, which leads to an unpleasant wear comfort. By deposition of TexCare® SRN 170 Terra, water absorption of the dried fabric increases

Recommended Applications

TexCare® SRN 170 Terra can be used in all kinds of liquid detergent formulations, e.g. heavy duty-, color and fine fabric detergents. TexCare® SRN 170 Terra was developed especially for application in liquid detergents and cleaners that are used for cleaning of hydrophobic surfaces eg. polyester fibres and significantly improves the removal of oily and fatty soils. TexCare® SRN 170 Terra can also be formulated into fabric softeners together with cationic surfactants. In addition, TexCare® SRN 170 Terra may be applied in liquid hard surface cleaners.

Feedstock Provenance

TexCare® SRN 170 Terra is derived from plant based polyalkylethylene glycol. The renewable carbon index of TexCare® SRN 170 Terra is approximately 75%.


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Environmental labels

  • Chemical Nature:
    Soil release polymer
  • Product Function:
  • Renewable Carbon Index (RCI):
    75 %
  • Environmental Working Group (EWG) Score:
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