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Minimizing mycotoxins in animal feed with Clariant’s FIXAT™ Optimum

FIXAT™ Optimum

Using FIXAT™ Optimum can significantly reduce the threat of poisonous Aflatoxins in feed.

The presence of mycotoxins in feed leads to significant decreases in the animal’s performance parameters such as weight gain and feed conversion. It also causes organ damages or reproduction issues resulting in considerable revenue losses in animal production.



With mycotoxin adsorbents!

Mycotoxin adsorbents and binders remove mycotoxins from animal feed by fixing them on their surface. FIXAT™ Optimum interacts electrostatically with the polar groups of the mycotoxin molecule.

Even in the tough conditions of the animal’s digestive tract, the toxin remains tightly bound and can be excreted without causing damages.

Our adsorbents consist of Bentonite-a precious clay mineral that features particular swelling properties and strong binding powers.

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  • Protects against poisonous Aflatoxins
  • Compliant with EC 1060/2013 regulations, 1m558
  • Prevents organ diseases and helps animals to overcome mycotoxin effects
  • Optimizes the shelf life of the feed and ensures the yield
  • Metabolism-friendly with no residues of mycotoxin metabolites
  • A cost-efficient product focused on the mycotoxin issue
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