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Going full circle


It is no longer a secret that the straightest line to a sustainable future runs in a circle. At Clariant we are committed to supporting the vision of a more circular economy through sustainable and innovative chemistry. We strive to close the circle by reducing the use of primary raw materials in our products, refining our operating processes to minimize waste, and by offering innovative solutions to enable downstream industries to become more circular.

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for Circularity
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A circular economy is fundamental to achieving the vision of more than 9 billion people living well within the boundaries of the planet by 2050. Reaching this vision on a global scale can only be achieved through ambitious goals, active collaboration and a commitment to sustainable innovation.

EcoCircle is our unique cross-business and cross-technology platform to support the transition of the one-way plastics value chain to a circular plastics economy.
Circular plastics and packaging
With more than a third of all globally produced plastic going to waste, Clariant is focused on developing smart additives that support the mechanical recycling of plastics or enable 100% recyclability of packaging.
Harnessing nature’s bounty
The bioeconomy is increasingly recognized as a way to enable society to live well within the limits of our planet.
Sustainable management of industrial waste
We strive to make our manufacturing processes more circular. As well as setting targets for waste reduction in our own processes, we aim to close the loop on all of our customer applications.
Clean energy sources
Renewables are the key to a more circular world. Clariant harnesses sun and wind to power many of its operational processes. And we continue to accelerate our transition to renewable energy sources to achieve our sustainable goals.
From waste to value
Using waste streams is one way to reduce our impact on the planet. From rice bran to wheat straw, Clariant is valorizing secondary raw material streams and giving them a new life in products that deliver on both sustainability and performance.
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» Integrating circular economy principles depends first and foremost on products that are safe and sustainable. We are committed to enabling our customers to unlock the numerous opportunities offered by going circular with our innovative solutions and through collaboration. «

Angela Cackovich, President, Adsorbents & Additives, & Europe Middle East & Africa, Clariant

Circular solutions for our customers

From design to end of life

Our commitment to a circular economy goes beyond the conscious use of raw materials and natural resources within our operations. Clariant is committed to addressing the obstacles that are hampering a higher circularity of products, in line with the waste hierarchy principles and through a smart combination of design for recycling, reduction and re-use, and recycling from mechanical or chemical recycling. It’s not simply about end-of-life optimization, but rather a focus on optimizing the usage of primary materials, intensifying the use phase of products and keeping products and materials in high quality, value adding applications.

Today we offer a wide range of innovative solutions enabling our customers to improve the circularity of their products – from additives for circular plastics to a wide range of processing aids and catalysts to support the chemical recycling sector. Our additives, for example, help to make plastics more resistant to degradation, protecting the polymer chains from being broken up by heat or water, increasing the products’ durability and allowing plastics to go through more recycling loops. We provide recycling options for our Safewing™ deicing products. Bio-based raw materials are also used in products to provide an improved biodegradability or toxicological profile.

By offering safe and sustainable chemicals, we enable our customers to increase their degree of circularity. And if the solution doesn’t exist today then we will develop it in collaboration with our customers to stepwise enable us and our customers to close the loop.

Learn more about some of our products and solutions:

  • Bio-based Additives
    Bio-based Additives
    Global brand owners have bold targets to increase biopolymers or recycled content in their products. With demand for, and production of, bioplastics forecast to boom in Latin America over the next five years, Clariant’s regional additives expert Eliandro Felipe looks at the advantages of our alliances and sustainable additives to create more environmentally friendly materials towards a Circular Economy. One country of focus is Mexico as it builds on its globally recognized reputation for PET recycling, takes steps to improve waste management and reduce fossil-based plastic use.
  • Safewing™ Deicing/Anti-Icing Innovation for a safe take-off in ice and snow
    Safewing™ Deicing/Anti-Icing Innovation for a safe take-off in ice and snow
    With the Safewing™ portfolio Clariant offers different kinds of deicing fluids (Type I) & anti-icing fluids (Type II and IV) to remove ice and snow from planes.
  • Advancing plastics recycling
    Advancing plastics recycling
    One of the most important Sustainable Development Goals the international community pursues concerns better handling of resources and waste. New methods of plastics recycling, often called advanced recycling, can substantially contribute – and so can Clariant by improving their chemistry.
  • Recycling plastics
    Recycling plastics
    In classical mythology, fire is a gift to humanity from the gods. In our present day and age, it may help us solve our problems with plastic waste. Bettina Siggelkow, EcoCircle Program Manager at Clariant, tells us about the fascinating new recycling technology of pyrolysis, and how Clariant contributes to making it work.

Partnerships for Circularity

Joining forces with other change makers

We believe that the transition to a more circular economy can only be achieved through ambitious commitments, active collaboration, and dialog with our value chains. In addition to our EcoCircle initiative, Clariant collaborates in joint efforts with other changemakers.

As a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Clariant is actively involved in the Circular Economy program and is participating in several working groups fostering circularity alongside other industry leaders.

We are also part of the World Economic Forum’s Low Carbon Emitting Technologies Initiative, which aims to accelerate the development of low carbon emitting technologies for chemical production by also increasing circularity in the plastics value chain and fostering a sustainable bioeconomy.

Clariant is a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW). Over 50 member companies and supporters comprised of businesses from different sectors have joined the Alliance and together they are committed to funding and incubating projects and programs that will prevent leakage by helping to recover and create value from plastic waste.

We are part of the Circular Plastics Alliance founded in 2019 by the European Commission. This alliance brings together more than 100 committed partners from across the value chain – including plastic manufacturers and processors, large retailers, waste management organizations and recycling companies.

Clariant is also involved in the Polyolefins Circular Economy Platform (PCEP), contributing to the polyolefin industry’s voluntary commitments to increase the recyclability of polyolefin packaging and significantly increase the volume of recycled post-consumer polyolefin content that is used in European products.

And we are the drivers behind special industry initiatives such as Process4Sustainability at the Industriepark Frankfurt Höchst in Germany, which is bringing together chemical-pharmaceutical industry stakeholders with the goal to improve processes and develop circular technologies.

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Learn more about the other industry projects we are involved in:

In collaboration with CEPSA and BIOILS, Clariant is working on a flexible waste recovery process for the production of biofuels.
Clariant is part of the research team testing how climate-friendly fuels can be produced from paper waste.
Clariant, Siegwerk, Borealis, and Beiersdorf, team up to give packaging waste a second life in personal care applications.

Learn more

  • Discover EcoCircle
    Discover EcoCircle
    EcoCircle is our initiative for supporting the transition of the one-way plastics value chain to a circular plastics economy.
  • Sustainability
    Whether the world must become sustainable is a question we’ve long stopped asking ourselves. We are much too busy working on how this can be done. We have set out with passionate people, to create leading-edge operations and innovative solutions that mean progress for everyone today while sustaining the world for our children tomorrow.
  • Product Sustainability Designators
    Product Sustainability Designators
    Responding to market and customer demand, Clariant highlights products for renewables, water savings and plastics circularity with sustainability trade names.
  • Safe & Sustainable by Design
    Safe & Sustainable by Design
    We are passionate about minimizing the use of resources and hazardous chemicals and delivering solutions to help our customers create materials and products that are designed, produced and used in a way that does not harm people and the environment.

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