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Vectorized actives

According to survey results, the majority of consumers struggle with more than one skin issue – from lines and a dull complexion, moisture loss and uneven color tone to sensitive skin. The demand for active ingredients which make a major contribution to skin health is entirely understandable. What people want are skin care products which are easy to apply and help their skin address issues using pure, active ingredients.

Some active ingredients lack stability during processing and application

There are various methods of integrating active substances into cosmetic products. A pure active ingredient disintegrates too quickly to reach the concentration needed for effectiveness in the end product. Stabilizers do slow down this process of disintegration, but can produce undesirable side effects. Protective compounds around the active ingredients can preserve them from disintegration, but hinder their effectiveness. Some encapsulation technologies burst at once, and supply the skin with an »overdose« of active substances which can lead to skin irritations.


Vitispheres - Innovative carrier system

Ensures long-term protection of Active ingredients

With Clariant’s developed VitiSpheres® technology, active cosmetic substances are able to penetrate into the skin. Unlike other carrier systems, VitiSpheres® does not disintegrate, for example when blended into a cream, but hold the active ingredient firmly inside themselves, until they are applied to the skin. Only then the casing slowly dissolves, and the active substance penetrates the skin.

Smart encapsulation technology for highly efficient Active ingredients

The VitiSpheres® technology uses ball-shaped structures to carry active ingredients – »spheres« – which contain the active substance inside them. As soon as the spheres reach the skin, they form an ultra-thin film on the surface. This film reduces water evaporation from the top layer of the skin. The water remaining in the skin then becomes somewhat »trapped«, and increases the gap between the lipid membranes. As the viscosity of the layer enveloping the spheres reduces, the oil-soluble active ingredients contained can now combine with the lipids (fats) incorporated in the skin, and penetrate into the skin. Following the natural tendency of the cells to balance out differences in concentration, the oil-soluble lipids move automatically from the highly-concentrated environment of the spheres into the skin.


Vitispheres make skin care products highly effective



The protected active substance can be retrieved in a formulation



Can be used for various active substances such as tocopherol, retinol, vitamin C, etc.



Stable incorporation into an existing formulation without additional equipment or extra process steps

Discover our Vitispheres solutions

  • VitiSpheres R8
    VitiSpheres® R8 is a unique Carrier System, especially designed for the use in skin care formulations to deliver pure Retinol (Vitamin A) to the skin. Controlled retard release offers a much higher bioavailability than any other delivery system. VitiSpheres® R8 can be used in any cosmetic formulation with more ease than conventional delivery systems.

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