Group Technology & Innovation


Innovation and technology leadership are crucial elements for Clariant. Group Technology & Innovation (GTI) combines the core functions along the innovation chain and creates a platform to contribute to profitable growth.

Group Chemical Research, Group Biotechnology, Group Process Technology and Catalysts R&D are responsible for the corresponding four Technology Platforms and fuel Clariant`s innovation power. Group Engineering implements the investment projects in production plants and infrastructure. Group Intellectual Property Management secures Clariant`s know-how base and develops the patent portfolio. New Business Development identifies and develops new business opportunities.

All GTI units operate in close collaboration with the Business Units and their Application Development.

The Application Development teams of the Business Units work with Research & Development to create new products and demonstrate their performance in relevant applications.

Working closely with customers, they develop new or improved applications or formulations designed to meet market demands or even outperform existing market standards. Application Development groups are the interface to the market and guarantee fast, flexible and reliable technical service. In case chemical modifications or new molecules are needed, the Business Units and R&D define joint projects to develop next generation products.

Creativity, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability are our keys to success.