New Business Development


New Business Development is responsible for developing new projects and applications outside of existing Business Units. This comprises the whole chain from ideation and evaluation with regard to potential (New Business Planning & Scouting) to development (New Business Projects):

New Business Planning and Scouting

The New Business Planning & Scouting team is responsible for ideation, screening, and assessment of new business opportunities. It manages and reviews promising ideas from a wide range of internal and external sources to guarantee a balanced medium-term portfolio of growth opportunities. Attractive ideas with strategic fit and promising value proposition will get a »deep-dive« approach: Firstly, a thorough market analysis is performed. Secondly, the team coordinates the initial R&D required to verify the feasibility of the concept, and, finally, develops a business model and an initial business plan. Upon approval a new business project will get started.

New Business Projects

New Business Projects has the full responsibility to implement the business opportunity and to manage the business until a certain level of maturity is reached in order to transfer the business either to an existing Business Unit or to establish a new Business Unit.