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Clariant and Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT) have established a strategic partnership that includes the subscription of approx. 10% equity shares of PAT by Clariant, joint development agreement and exclusive distributionship. Renowned for its highly sustainable and cutting edge technologies, PAT develops unique and powerful plant-based active ingredients for cosmetics.

The partnership brings PAT’s research strengths in discovering and producing precious compounds from plant roots together with the claim substantiation and the marketing and sales expertise of Clariant’s Active Ingredients business. These strengths will be combined for the development of new premium products and will reach the market through Clariant’s global network.

PAT is recognized for its high-end technologies used to explore the best plant natural compounds in a very sustainable way. Two proprietary technologies make it possible: Plant Milking Technology and Target Binding Technology.

Powered by nature and advanced with science, the products issued from PAT and Clariant Active Ingredients partnership address premium cosmetic markets looking for sustainable natural sourcing and scientifically proven efficacy. These products can be easily recognizable thanks to the “Premium Root Power” label.

The products issued from the partnership between Clariant Active Ingredients and PAT have already been recognized by the cosmetic industry for their innovative mechanism of action and strong skin benefits, as well as for their sustainable sourcings, and won several prestigious awards:

the PCHi Fountain Award in the category "Anti-aging for Prenylium

the BSB Innovation Award in the category "Environment" for Prenylium

 the in-Cosmetics Innovation Award in the category "Active Ingredients" for Pren

the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award in the category "Sustainable Anti-ageing Active Ingredients Industry"


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Plant Milking Technology

This highly sustainable and eco-friendly solution enables to explore previously difficult to access parts of plants and allows for production of rare compounds on an industrial scale.

Using an aeroponic system (cultivation without soil), PAT stimulates plant roots to make them produce targeted molecules in higher quantities than those found in their natural environment. Root exudation is a non-destructive process that “milks” the same plants several times a year.

Benefits of the technology:
   * Eco-friendly: biocontrol, recycling water, few plant resources
   * No plant destruction during harvest
   * Discovery & optimization of plant capacities
   * Full traceability from seed to active ingredient
   * Complete mastery of plant environment
   * Consideration of Nagoya protocol and ABS regulations

Target Binding Technology

This patented technology makes it possible to link the active molecule of an extract with specific cosmetic activities such as lightening, radical scavenging,...

Thanks to this technology, we easily know what molecule is bringing its activity to the extract, in order to provide products with a defined concentration in this active molecule, to ensure a strong efficacy and offer powerful extracts to our customers.

Premium active ingredients with the power of roots

Clariant Active Ingredients and PAT partnership already lead to the launch of two new premium active ingredients, to protect the skin matrisome and to re-boost cells' energy:

Prenylium™: safeguarder of the matrisome

Prenylium is extracted from the root of Morus alba, a tree traditionally used in Chinese medicine. Accessing the roots of a tree without destroying it is only possible thanks to the Plant Milking technology. It makes Prenylium a rare and unique ingredient.

In addition, the use of an innovative process to stimulate the growth of the roots, allows reaching a concentration of prenylated flavonoids +2,000% higher than what can be typically found mulberry root extracts. This class of bioactive compounds has a higher affinity with cellular membranes and better interaction with biological targets. As a result, they possess an interesting variety of anti-aging activities such as anti-oxidant and immuno-protection.

By modulating CCN1 expression, Prenylium protects the skin’s core matrisome from degradation and maintains the structure of the matrix, to rapidly smooth wrinkles. The high efficacy of the product associated to a sustainable and innovative sourcing awarded Prenylium the prestigious PCHi Fountain Award 2020 in the category anti-aging.    

Rootness™ Energize: fuel for youth

Rootness Energize is extracted from the root of Luffa cylindrica, whose roots contain bryonolic acid, a rare active molecule in plants. The Plant Milking technology allows increasing the content of this molecule in the roots of the plant by a factor 10 thanks to a stimulation by specific nutritive solutions.

Rootness Energize reactivates the overall metabolism processes to increase energy production by skin cells. This power boost relaunches skin matrix compounds synthesis and maturation. As a consequence, the main drawback of energy-deprived skin is strongly improved, from skin elasticity to tonicity and firmness.

For its innovative production process and its strong clinical results, Rootness Energize was awarded the bronze prize at the BSB Innovation Awards 2020 in the category "Skin Benefits".

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