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Clariant Oil Services is the fastest growing supplier of specialty oilfield production chemicals and services to the oil and gas industry. Our product offerings have an impressive reach extending from Enhanced Oil Recovery, Offshore and Deep Water, Conventional and Unconventional Oil & Gas, Heavy Oil, Paraffin Control Technologies, Well Services Additives to VERITRAX™, our Intelligent Chemical Management System.

Our global presence provides a unique position from which to address and resolve customer challenges anywhere in the world. We use chemistry, systems and experts to understand our customers' needs, then create high-value, innovative solutions that help our customers win. We strive to develop and deliver the most economical solutions with an unwavering commitment to high standards for health, safety and the environment and work to implement your custom chemical program with the utmost respect to the workforce and community.

Case History Spotlight

“Paraffin/Corrosion Inhibitor Combination Helps Operator Realize Multiple Efficiencies”

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An operator in the Eagle Ford shale was successfully treating for paraffin while experiencing corrosion including under-deposit corrosion widely across their field. Another major issue plaguing the pipeline system was solids build-up that harboured bacteria and caused rapid under deposit corrosion.

Clariant responded by innovating a corrosion/paraffin inhibitor that specifically targets the long chain paraffins found in paraffinic shale oil, while also providing corrosion protection. MULTITREAT 14849 is the result of a unique oil-based chemistry that allows for partitioning of corrosion inhibition constituents into the water phase, while simultaneously targeting paraffin inhibition in the oil phase.





Featured Products

For more than 50 years, our PHASETREAT demulsifier technology has successfully separated the world’s oil from water in compliance with some of the most stringent environmental regulations.

SCALETREAT scale management and control technologies review current and future operating scenarios, delivering "scale management" for your benefit.

Our FLOCTREAT water clarification technologies remove contaminants of residual oil and solids in produced water, while meeting regulatory requirements.

Our range of SURFTREAT technologies includes product functionalities such as cleaning, detergency, wettability modification and other general surfactant type applications.

WAXTREAT paraffin control technologies were designed to prevent and treat paraffin build-up in order to improve flow and increase production.

An alternative to the traditional triazine chemistry, SCAVINATOR™ is a water-soluble scavenger for removing sulfide species from both gases and liquids and is used to control hydrogen sulfide.

HYTREAT hydrate management and control technologies are designed to provide hydrate control for the most severe conditions of sub-cooling.

Clariant Oil Services' CORRTREAT® corrosion inhibitors were designed to prevent and reduce corrosion.


CORRTREAT 15858 shows up to a 50% decrease in general corrosion (mpy rates) compared to traditional corrosion inhibitors and is a step-change in oxygen corrosion technology.

SCAVTREAT scavengers are used to control hydrogen sulfide, iron sulfide, sulfide scale and oxygen.

The FLOTREAT range of downhole treatments removes and prevents asphaltene deposits and resolves emulsions that have formed in the near-wellbore.

Our line of defoamers and anti-foam technologies provides foam management products for both oil- and aqueous-based fluids.

Our WellBoost technologies for gas well deliquification are custom-designed, cost- effective solutions that help maximize gas production and increase profits.

Industry Events


Omya & Clariant present: New developments in liquid light & heat stabilization for SMP sealants
During the webinar Omya and Clariant experts will present their latest findings from the collaborative work to develop higher performing products in the field of liquid light & heat stabilization.  追加情報
Orlando, FL 米国
CAD Retec
2022年9月12日 - 2022年9月14日
The 60th Annual Society of Plastics Engineers Color and Appearance Division RETEC® will be held in Orlando, Florida. Come join us to Make a SPLASH with Color and discuss topics related to plastics coloration. - Preconference Color Seminar (separate registration required) - Two full days of technical sessions - 60+ exhibitors showcasing products and services - Opening reception, Monday evening - Network Reception, Tuesday evening 
Introducing PTFE free & bio-based solutions for inks & coatings
oin the discussion surrounding Clariant’s latest developments towards PTFE alternatives and sustainable technologies with Senior Technical Business Manager, Tobias Niederleitner. Commercially available synthetic waxes play a crucial role for varying kinds of surface variations within inks and coatings, such as scratch resistance, modification of slip properties, matting effects and more. As we constantly assess and modify our wax portfolio to meet the changing needs of the market, Clariant has developed new wax technologies based on renewable and sustainable raw materials, with a continued focus on performance and cost optimization.​  追加情報
Nuremberg Germany
European Coatings Show
2023年3月28日 - 2023年3月30日
Trends and technologies covering all aspects of the production of paints, coatings, sealants, construction chemicals and adhesives.  追加情報

Industry News


Clariant’s Beyond Color additives elevate possibilities for high-performing sustainable coatings
At American Coatings Show (ACS) 2022, Clariant is prioritizing sustainability Beyond Color to support the creation of more sustainable innovations for industrial and consumer coatings products. Visit Clariant at Booth 2846 to explore the latest multifunctional additives that are driving the industry’s transition, from new renewable carbon-based ingredients to non-halogenated next-level fire protection. 追加情報
Clariant at ACS 2022 Discover Beyond Color innovation for high-performance coatings products
Visit the Clariant booth at the American Coatings Show this April 5-7, 2022 to #asktheexpert about innovations “Beyond Color” that differentiate and enhance the performance, compliance, and sustainability of paints and coatings (Booth 2846). 追加情報
クラリアント、Exolit® OPシリーズ難燃剤の生産施設を中国に建設開始
クラリアントは、広東省恵州市の大亜湾に保有する工場敷地に、難燃剤「Exolit OP(エクソリット)」の生産施設を建設することを発表しました。クラリアントは、現地での生産能力を確立することで、中国国内の顧客にソリューションを提供するスピードを大幅に向上させます。中国を含めたアジア市場においては、急成長を続ける電気・電子機器産業、特にe-モビリティ、5G通信や輸送機関などの牽引によって、クラリアントの革新的で持続可能な難燃剤の需要が急速に高まっています。 追加情報

External Recognition

Clariant Oil Services & REACH

Clariant Oil Services can confirm that all REACH relevant phase-in-substances manufactured by Clariant in the European Union, or imported by means of a Clariant Legal Entity in the EU, were pre-registered before the deadline. Accordingly, at this stage we can confirm that all our products marketed in Europe are in full compliance with REACH requirements.

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