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Outdoor elements need excellent light- and weather-fast pigments to withstand the high demands that are made on their appearance and durability. Colored products in particular, or gas or water pipes, need to maintain their appearance throughout a building’s lifetime; they must satisfy criteria for heat stability, as well as safety and environmental standards. Whatever your requirements, we can guide you through our broad range of organic pigments to find the right solution for your applications.

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Colorants for the construction industry

If you’re in the construction sector, you’re looking for coloration solutions that not only last a lifetime but comply with thermal stability requirements and safety standards. Many components for the construction industry, including window profiles, doors, and fences, require excellent light and weather fastness. When films are used, pigment dispersion is especially important. To ensure the results you expect, it’s therefore important to choose the right colorants. Clariant offers economical solutions for organic pigments that color plastics more efficiently, using less energy and saving you costs. We’re here to help you identify the right products for your applications, whatever your requirements. Window profiles, doors, fences,… require high light and weather fastness. When films are used dispersion of the pigment is of the utmost importance. We have the right pigments for you. For the body coloration we offer economical solutions.

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Colorants for pipes

Pipe coloration can be a challenge. Correct pigment selection is critical: depending on the type of pipes – whether they’re for gas, water, or consumables – standards and regulations have to be fulfilled. With many years’ experience in this field, we can create customized coloration that meets the most demanding requirements for pipe applications, using organic pigments that make your production process cleaner, safer for consumers and for the environment, and more efficient. Our sustainable Telasperse PVC Colorants, for example, provide easy, efficient, and economical coloration of plasticized as well as non- plasticized PVC, with a broad color palette that offers supreme flexibility.  

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