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Whichever part of the consumer goods industry you’re in, you’re looking for high-performance plastic colorant solutions that are vibrant, versatile, and sustainable. Our high-performance pigments and polymer soluble dyes are suitable for a wide range of polymers, offering brilliant colorations with outstanding heat resistance and fastness properties. Whether you’re manufacturing plastics for toys, sport articles, electronics or textiles, our sustainable solutions offer multiple advantages that will meet your requirements.

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Colorants for sensitive consumer goods

When it comes to manufacturing sensitive articles like children’s toys or food contact materials, safety is crucial. Not only do you need high-performance plastic colorant solutions that stand out on the shelf, but the solutions have to deliver high product purity that is compliant with today’s strict health and safety standards and regulations. If you’re looking for coloration for sensitive applications, offering guaranteed safety along with brilliant color, excellent resistance, and increased sustainability, we’re here to advise you which products to choose from our broad portfolio, and help you develop a tailor-made solution.

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Colorants for non-sensitive consumer goods

The market segment for non-sensitive consumer goods is vast. Indeed, plastic has shaped our society to the extent that it’s almost impossible to imagine living without the products that make our lives so easy. Consumers want products for indoor and outdoor use that perform safely, look good, and last longer. And they want them to be sustainable. From sporting equipment, to electronics, to large electrical goods, products need to perform as never before. Our high-performance pigments and polymer
soluble dyes can offer the solution, providing you with the key properties of good fastness and long-lasting, brilliant colors in a wide range of shades.

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    High-performance organic pigments, polymer soluble dyes, and optical brighteners fulfill strict regulations and safety laws for packaging coloration.

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