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Aluminum anodizing dyes and chemicals



Clariant has over 100 years’ experience in producing chemicals and more than 50 years’ experience in producing dyes and colorants for finishing anodized aluminum. As well as top-class services, we provide a wide range of colorants, chemicals and tailor-made solutions for anodizing, coloring and sealing anodized aluminum, focusing on improved sustainability and energy efficiency, precision, purity and attention to detail. Based on our clients’ complex individual requirements, we can offer technical customer services for all the steps in their production process, operation support, and workflow optimization, provided locally by our technical centers and our regional exclusive partners wherever possible.

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Special dyes for aluminum finishing

We manufacture a full range of dyes for aluminum finishing. Suitable for outdoor and indoor architectural applications, our Sanodal® range of dyes offers unsurpassed light- and weather fastness properties, in a broad range of shades. The Sanodure® range of dyes is especially recommended for indoor aluminum finishing applications; with good fade-resistant properties, it comes in a comprehensive range of colors. The Sanodye® range comprises organic dyes with a chemical structure that is free of heavy metals, offering environmental advantages for aluminum anodizers. Selected elements of the Sanodye® range exhibit the same excellent light- and weather fastness properties as the Sanodal® dyes.

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Anodizing process chemicals and additives

Tailored to the requirements of our dye ranges Sanodal®, Sanodure®, and Sanodye®, we offer a comprehensive range of chemical process additives to increase productivity and efficiency, and to help minimize the impact on the environment. Our Anodal® range of chemicals delivers consistent results for our customers in the anodizing industry and we are committed both to developing new products to meet the industry’s ever-changing needs, and to helping our customers improve their processes.

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