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Colorants for Home and Fabric Care Products



Color is a key branding and differentiation instrument, acting as an important influencer on consumer purchasing choices. Clariant is a global leader in producing colorants for Home and Fabric Care. In our extensive portfolio, you will find a multitude of dyes, pigments, and pigment preparations (aqueous dispersions and granules based on pigments) that are environmentally compatible, bearing internationally recognized eco-labels, and that have been specially developed to enhance the performance of your formulations, from domestic laundry detergents and fabric softeners to professional glass and hard surface cleaning products.

Sanolin™ water-soluble dyes, for example, are characterized by high tinting strength and outstanding transparency and luminosity, enabling bright, distinctive product colors, even at low doses. In addition, the Sanolin™ Lave Liquid dyes offer non-staining properties, and they are easy to rinse off skin, surfaces, laundry/fabrics or the inside of a washing machine.

Cosmenyl™ pigment preparations (aqueous dispersions based on pigments), for example, create brilliant colors for liquid, paste or powder end applications of cosmetic products, toiletries as well as home and fabric care products. Our Cosmenyl product range does not contain ortho-Phenylphenol (O-PP), methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and parabens, thus we are supporting our customers in offering colorful and safer products.

Colorants for speckles to use in powder detergents
In addition, our Cosmenyl grades can also be used to color speckles for use in powder detergents and tablets/tabs such as laundry and automatic dishwashing detergents. Colored speckles add value to the appearance and functionality of powder detergents. 


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Colorants for laundry detergents & fabric softeners

Our water-soluble powder and liquid dyes have high transparency and brilliancy and can be safely used for coloring laundry detergents and fabric softeners at all pH ranges. Available in a wide range of colors, our dyes for laundry detergents and fabric softeners can be mixed to produce countless color tones, according to specific requirements. Besides that, our colorants are specified to meet industry and application standards, e.g. strict monitoring of the general and microbiological purity of the colorants.

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Colorants for dishwashing detergents

For dishwashing detergents, we offer a wide range of colorants that are particularly well suited for coloring hand dishwash cleaners and auto-dishwash tabs or powders for all pH ranges. Characterized by bright, brilliant shades and high tinting strength as well as outstanding transparency and luminosity even at low doses, these products allow you to add distinctive colors to differentiate your product. Easily rinsed off even at high levels of concentration, they leave dishes, plastics, surfaces and skin unstained.

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Colorants for general purpose and specialty cleaners

Colorants are used in all kinds of cleaners, from surface cleaning, general purpose products including window and car cleaners, to professional high-pressure cleaners, and abrasive powders. Our colorants offer high tinting strength, brilliant coloration with excellent transparency, safe handling, and easy dosing and cleaning of equipment. Available in a wide range of shades, they can be tailored to color products from all pH ranges and mixed to produce countless color tones.

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Applications at a glance:

  • Surface cleaning, e.g. floors, furniture, glass and windows
  • Toilet cleaners and fresheners, e.g. rim blocks, gels, tabs, tablets
  • Toilet-flushing liquids, e.g. for aircrafts and trains
  • High-pressure cleaners
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Car cleaners
  • Air care, e.g. liquids, crystals
  • Polishes, e.g. shoe, leather, floor




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