Sixty-five thousand years ago, ancient artists in Spain were mixing pigments and applying them to the walls of caves to create the first known works of art. Today, painting is a great way to express yourself and to let your thoughts out, and with colors you are able to create a nicer and more colorful environment for you and your family.

The fantastic world of color is an essential part of our human nature: from children’s paints, chalks, and crayons, to fine-liners, gel pens, and aquarelles – the world’s natural vibrancy is reflected in the materials we use to create beautiful things. We offer a broad range of high-quality pigments, pigment preparations (aqueous dispersions based on pigments) and dyes that meet the strictest international environmental, health, and safety standards.


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Writing, drawing and marker inks

At Clariant, we offer a broad range of high-quality products such as dyes and finely dispersed pigment preparations (aqueous dispersions based on pigments). These have been developed especially for both water-based writing inks – those used in fountain pens, fiber-tip pens, fine-liners, and gel pens – and solvent-based systems, such as marker pen inks. Explore our range, download our free brochures, try our smart Pigment Finder – and don’t hesitate to contact us, should you require further information or other support.

School and Hobby products

Children are drawn to color – it reflects their natural creativity and optimism. Our high-performance pigments, pigment preparations (aqueous dispersions based on pigments), and dyes meet the strictest international standards of environmental, health, and safety performance, and can be safely used. With high tinting strength and brilliance, superior fastness properties, transparency and opacity, our products will meet all your requirements. Contact us for more information and support!

Artist Colors

The world is a very different place from the way it was 65,000 years ago when people ground up pigments to create cave paintings. But our need to express ourselves creatively remains: nowadays we have a multitude of materials with which to make our art. At Clariant, we offer pigments and pigment dispersions for all types of artists’ colors, from oil to acrylic paints or aquarelles, from pencils, crayons to chalks. Try our Pigment Finder to explore Clariant’s world of color, and please contact us with any queries.





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