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Sustainability Designators in Product Names


Being aware of what we use and consume is no passing trend. Global challenges such as climate change are heightening the expectations of consumers, stakeholders and the general public when it comes to sustainable consumption and production.

Clariant is constantly developing its portfolio to add value. Our Portfolio Value Program (PVP) system was developed with its core elements – a criteria catalog and screening process – to bring forward verifiable sustainability benefits and drive ongoing portfolio improvement.

This system enables us to continuously identify and strengthen opportunities for value chain collaboration, engage in dialog with customers and stakeholders, and further add value with sustainability. It is the basis for substantiating specific benefits and for the identification of possible EcoTain® – sustainability excellence – products and solutions. It is also used to identify products that carry sustainability trade names or designators.

Clear sustainability advantages


Clariant’s product sustainability designators help orient customers and value chains to the sustainability benefits of our products and solutions. They can be found across our sustainable product portfolio and target particular market and customer needs.

As well as meeting minimum market expectations on sustainability, products and solutions distinguished with sustainability designators deliver confirmed contributions in some particularly important sustainability areas, for example, renewable resource-based ingredients, plastics recycling and circularity, and water savings.




Found on products and solutions that support customers and/or the value chain in saving at least 20% water in the direct or end use of their products in comparison to the market standard.




Found on products and solutions with significant content based on renewable resources, featuring biomass-balance certification or real renewable content of at least 50% RCI (Renewable Carbon Index).




Found on products and solutions based on renewable resources, with real renewable content of at least 98% RCI (Renewable Carbon Index). A biomass-balance approach is not allowed.




Found on products with the primary purpose to support the reduction, re-use or recycling of plastic products demonstrating a beneficial and validated performance above the market standard.

To learn more about our sustainable products and solutions and how they can benefit you, please visit our pages below.

  • Renewable Feedstock​

    Products with significant (at least 50% RCI) content based on renewable resources with a mass-balance certification or real renewable content

  • Natural Ingredients

    Products from natural origin with real renewable content at least 98% RCI

  • Bio-based and segregated surfactants

    Vita surfactants can help save up to 85% of CO₂ emissions compared to their fossil counterparts.

  • AddWorks® PKG 906 Circle

    AddWorks PKG 906 Circle is a Clariant proprietary polymer stabilizer composition used to increase plastic waste recycling in polyolefin film manufacturing. It is particularly well suited for BOPP production, while also applicable to cast and blown film process. It allows to use increased amounts of recycled resin or film during the film manufacturing process without loss of film quality or production efficiency.

  • EcoTain®

    より良い明日への道のりは、今日の課題に取り組むことから始まります。 私たちが住むこの世界では、重大な課題が増え続け、需要はますます高まっています。クラリアントでは、私たちは長い旅路の途中にいると見ています。明日の発展に向けた道筋において、私たちは、個人から環境、社会、経済に到るすべてのレベルで、考え方や行動様式を変えることにより、困難な課題に取り組んでいます。

  • Climate Change

    The science is clear, global temperature rise is a reality. According to reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we have just a short amount of time before climate change becomes irreversible and changes our world forever. At Clariant, we take our responsibility for the planet seriously. We rely on the environment’s resources and are steadfast in our commitment to sustainable growth.

  • Bio Economy

    Our commitment to a sustainable and circular bio economy reflects our goals to develop innovative, sustainable, and bio-based chemicals, as well as achieve our ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets.

  • Going full circle

    It is no longer a secret that the straightest line to a sustainable future runs in a circle. At Clariant we are committed to supporting the vision of a more circular economy through sustainable and innovative chemistry.