Active ingredients for healthy aging


Proven performance against

the three primary causes of aging

Three main factors contribute to skin aging:

  • the passage of time: chronoaging
  • inflammation reactions: inflammaging
  • UV radiations: photoaging

If chronoaging is inevitable, some processes can be slowed down. Photoaging and inflammaging, that contribute to faster aging, can be kept under control. Therefore it is possible to age with a skin that will remain firm and keep its elasticity. Clariant Active Ingredients offers products based on the last findings on skin biology to protect the skin and help skin cells maintain proper biological functions despite the passage of years, for a holistic solution to well-aging.

Protect the skin matrisome with Prenylium

The skin matrisome is the set of genes that encode for the synthesis of key proteins constitutive of the extracellular matrix, such as collagen or elastic fibers. With aging, these proteins syntheses are less efficient, which can lead to a loss of firmness and elasticity.

By protecting the skin matrisome, Prenylium efficiently smoothes wrinkles by 19.9% in 8 weeks and boosts skin plumping in 4 weeks.


Target chronoaging, photoaging and inflammaging at once with Epseama

The long non-coding RNA nc886 was recently found to affect the activity of Protein Kinase-R (PKR), a protein known to induce premature aging in various diseases and organs. Additional researches done by Clariant Active Ingredients also demonstrated that nc886 expression decrease with age. Following these findings, Epseama was developped. It stimulates the expression of nc886 to target chronoaging and inflammaging. It also protects the expression of nc886 under UVB exposure, protecting the skin against photoaging.

Thanks to Epseama, difficult to remove nasolabial wrinkles are efficiently reduced in only one month, decreasing by 19% in volume and 10% in roughness. Spots are reduced by 10% and surface pigmentation is homogeneized, for a rejuvenated look.



Fight inflammaging triggered by pollutants with Eosidin

Chronical exposure to pollutants trigger inflammation through the production of IL-4 and eotaxin in the skin, finally leading to histamin release. skin barrier is fragilised. Eosidin modulates the immune system through the JAK/STAT6 pathway to decrease eotaxin-1 synthesis and control the recruitment of eosinophils. It decreases the release of histamin, to keep under control the inflammation process in order to protect the skin against inflammaging.

With Eosidin, itching level is significantly decreased by 68% after 8 weeks. In the same time, skin hydration is increased by 64% and TEWL decreased by 33%, demonstrating the skin recovers ts barrier function. Skin itchiness is decreased for 88% of volunteers and skin dryness is reduced for 100% of them.


Prevent fast-aging triggered by pollution with RedSnow

We live in a polluted environment that contributes to accelerate skin aging as it triggers inflammation processes.

RedSnow counteracts premature aging caused by pollutants (PM 2.5, PM 10, heavy metals and PAHs) thanks to a powerful anti-oxidant activity. After 4 weeks, it significantly improves dermal density by almost 6% and skin hydration by 8%. Also, skin texture parameters are reduced between 6 to 16%. Skin is smoother and microrelief is improved.

Prevent inflammaging from toxin accumulations with BioDTox

Toxins are ever present in our daily lives. Even if the skin has a detoxification system that eliminates them, the Nrf2 pathway, it can sometimes be overwhelmed. The consequence is the apparition of inflammation due to oxidative stress that accelerates the aging process of the cells.

BioDTox stimulates the detoxification pathway, to prevent inflammaging. It increases the viability of cells submitted to oxidative stressors, showing that skin cells become more resistant towards toxin, for a better aging in polluted environments. 


Resynchronize cells to recover efficient biological functions with B-Circadin

When the cells' circadian rhythm is disrupted, it affects their biological functions and the cells can't efficiently repair from damages caused by UV radiation or inflammation processes.

B-Circadin helps the cells recover a normal circadian rhythm. As a consequence, it protects the cells against oxidative stress induced by high blue light dose by up to 55%. Also, microcirculation is improved and puffiness decreased by 18% in 4 days. Skin complexion is improved by 35%, for a better looking face, that recovers from inflammaging and photoaging damages.

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