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Clariant has launched in 2017 a new business unit dedicated to cosmetic active ingredients for skin care and hair care products: Clariant Active Ingredients.

Nature inspires us to develop new active ingredients to lead the trends of the cosmetic industry. Based on advanced scientific technologies, we offer innovative and sustainable solutions. The efficacy of our active ingredients and trend-based cosmetic formulation concepts have already been saluted by the industry that awarded them more than a dozen prestigious awards.

Discover how nature inspires us and the science behind our products.


Highlights: new products and concepts

Ethience® Protect

Sustainably sourced from the brazil nut collected by local communities in the Amazon rainforest, Ethience Protect is obtained from the press cake that remains once the Brazil nuts have been crushed to produce oil.

It reinforces the three levels of skin barrier to efficiently restore compromised skins, by stimulating lipid synthesis and keratinocytes differentiation for a strong stratum corneum, and by strenghtening keratinocytes structure and cohesionin the epidermal layer.


Celyscence is an innovative "zombie cell eraser" active ingredient. With its triple mode of action that prevents senescence apparition, eliminates senescent cells (senolytic effect) and reverses senescent phenotype so that senescent cells come back to a younger state (senomorphic effect), it efficiently restores skin quality for well-aging.

For its innovative mode of action, Celyscence was awarded the Silver prize at the BSB Innovation Award 2021 in the category "Active ingredients".

Reloaded Beauty Routine

Upgrade your Beauty Routine. Discover the benefits of our 2 active ingredients formulations with Celyscence and Ethience Protect.
Mist’ical Evening Primer
: This mist is designed to rejuvenate the face after a long day. Spraying the day away, a playful and relaxing way to reboot the skin.
No Compromise Skin Moisturizer: When your wall is down, from razor blades to mask chafing, this caring moisturizer is a light yet deeply hydrating cream gel to reinforce the damaged skin barrier.


EquiScalp is an extract from Fuji apple stem cells that efficiently soothe irritated scalp without impairing its microbiota. Irritation, redness and squames are reduced, for a calming effect.

For its proven customers' benefits, EquiScalp won the PCHi Fountain Award 2021 in the category "hair care / scalp care".

Rootness™ Energize

This innovative anti-aging active ingredient from an extract of Luffa cylindrica roots boosts the bioenergetic processes to increase ATP production by mitochondria and favor cellular matrix renewal, leading to an improvement in skin elasticity, firmness, and tonicity.

It won the bronze BSB Innovation Award 2020 in the category 'Skin benefits".


This extract from the roots of Morus alba, the white mulberry tree, protects the skin matrisome to efficiently reduce wrinkles, smooth and plump the skin.

Prenylium won the bronze in-cosmetics award 2020 in the category "active ingredients", the PCHi Fountain Award 2020, and the silver BSB Innovation Award 2020 in the category "Environment".


Active Ingredients for new cosmetic trends

  • RetroFuture

    Reinventing old beauty regime classics, Clariant Active Ingredients has developed a new concept called “RetroFuture”. The concept aims at inspiring by presenting three new classics derived from a desirable past. mais

  • Solid cosmetics

    Solid cosmetics respond to four recent beauty movements: clean beauty, waterless beauty, nomadism and zero-waste. Discover our active ingredients compatible with solid cosmetics formulations, for hair care, skin care, and color cosmetics. mais

  • Well-aging

    Instead of fighting against aging by using products with traditional anti-aging claims, customers are now instead embracing their years. Discover active ingredients that can support wellness through well-aging solutions. mais

  • Microbiome protection

    The skin microbiota is a major contributor to skin health and its well-being. Discover how postbiotic active ingredients can support it. mais

  • Minimalist beauty

    Reducing the number of cosmetic products used to save money, time, and the planet is a new beauty trend. Discover our active ingredients for 3 skin care products with a maximal efficacy. mais

  • J-Beauty

    J-Beauty standards emphasize on fresh, youthful complexions through deep hydration proven by research in skin health. The “Shittori” skin, with a soft dewy colour and a plump texture, is the new skin goal to reach. Discover our new concept of three formulations inspired by Zen aesthetics: Zenspiration. mais

  • Hormonal aging

    At menopause, hormonal changes strongly impact the quality of skin and hair and accelerate aging. Discover how our active ingredients can support skin and hair to improve women's well-being in this sensitive period. mais

  • Space Beauty

    Space research lead to new discoveries on the biology of the skin, that can be inspiring for the development of new formulations based on active ingredients that can protect the skin from harsh environments. mais


Clariant Active Ingredients' portfolio

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  • Anti-aging active ingredients


    An extract of Akebia quinata, a plant native from Korea and Japan rich in myo-inositol, AkebiSol has an anti-glycation activity that protects extracellular matrix, to reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin. 

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    Celyscence is an innovative zombie cell eraser that prevents senescence, selectively eliminate senescent cells and reprogram them so that they recover a younger phenotype. Skin's firmness and brightness are improved.

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    Dongbaek Oil

    This oil extract from the seeds of Camellia japonica cultivated in Jeju island modulates inflammatory mediators and is a strong antioxidant to soothe the skin and reduce wrinkles.

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    This active ingredient is an extract of Laminaria japonica, a brown seaweed cultivated in South Korea known for its richness in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It upregulates the long non-coding RNA nc886 , leading to a holistic rejuvenation effect

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    Fuligo is an extract of Sargassum fusiforme, a brown seaweed growing on Jeju island and rich in small size oligo-fucoidan. It reactivates stem cells proliferation to restructure the skin from inside, increasing skin density and firmness for an strong anti-wrinkle effect. It also smooth lips and boost their volume.

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    This blend of thyme, mint and green tea brings a cooling effect on the skin to fight thermal aging. 

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    HerbEx Korean Ginseng Extract

    Extracted from the roots of Luffa cylindrica thanks to the Plant Milking technology, this active ingredient rich in brynolic acid reactivates ATP production by mitochondria to favor the renewal of extracellular matrix components.

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    LotuStem is an extract of Andrographis paniculata, one of the most used herbs in ayurvedic medicine. It activates stem cells proliferation and skin differenciation while protecting the stem cells reservoir, and demonstrated an efficient anti-wrinkle effect.

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    NLT Adenosphere 2.0

    NLT Adenosphere is a liposome encapsulating adenosine, a molecule recognized for its anti-wrinkle benefit. It redensifies the dermis, improving smoothness, firmness and tonicity, to quickly reduce the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

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    Extracted from the roots of Morus alba with the Plant Milking technology, this active ingredient rich in prenylated flavonoids protects the matrisome integrity and maintains the matrix structure essential to ensure youthful skin..

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    Rootness Energize

    Extracted from the roots of Luffa cylindrica thanks to the Plant Milking technology, this active ingredient rich in brynolic acid reactivates ATP production by mitochondria to favor the renewal of extracellular matrix components.

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  • Environment protection active ingredients


    This extract of Lespedeza capitata, a traditional medicinal plant, resynchronizes the skin's circadian rhythm, to improve skin radiance and reduces signs of fatigueinduced by blue-light exposure.

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    BioDTox is an extract rich in potent molecules: citrus flavonoids, aloe polyphenols and broccoli sulforaphane. It activates the detoxification enzymes, and has a strong antioxidant effect, to prevent environmental stress damage on the skin.

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    This active ingredient is an extract of unripe Citrus unshiu cultivated on Jeju island and rich in synephrine. Eosidin has a strong immuno-modulation activity that modulates irritation reactions due to indoor pollution, to relieve sensitive skin. 

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    RedSnow is a natural extract of Camellia japonica cultivated on Jeju island. Thanks to its high anti-oxidant efficacy to limit oxidative stress caused by pollutants, RedSnow is perfectly adapted to protect the skin against the damages due to air pollution.

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    This active ingredient is an extract from the Sparassis crispa mushroom that contains veratric acid. It prevents DNA damage caused by UV stress and reinforces cell defenses, to boost hydration, reduce irritation, an favor skin barrier function recovery after sun exposure..

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    This combination of four natural berry extracts protect the skin's circadian rhythm from UVB, for an anti-wrinkle effect.

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  • Active ingredients for hair and scalp care

    Dongbaek Oil

    This active ingredients comes from the seeds of Camellia japonica cultivated in Jeju island. It strenghtens the hair and increases their shine and gloss. 

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    This active ingredient made from apple stem cells efficiently soothes irritated scalp and decreases redness and squames, while being mild to the scalp's microbiota.

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    Emortal Pep

    Emortal Pep is made of a pea peptide with a low molecular weight to increase its absorption efficacy. It stimulates stem cells to prevent hair loss, and to restore hair vitality and density.

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    A blend of three oils, K-Oleo repairs and protects the hair shaft from heat aggression and improves hair resistance to mechanical stress, thus improving hair glow and shine.

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  • Lightening active ingredients


    This oil-soluble active ingredient is based on a natural source of bisabolol. It inhibits melanin synthesis on melanocytes to visibly lighten the skin tone.

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    HodVital is an extract of germinated barley seeds, rich in hordenine. It has a strong melanogenesis inhibition activity and improves desquamation, to efficiently lighten the skin.

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    Extracted from Centella japonica, this active ingredient controls the melanin synthesis pathway to tackle spots caused by skin irritation.

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  • Moisturizing and hydrating active ingredients

    MultiEx Humid-Max Plus

    This synergistic combination of eight powerful moisturizers attract water to the stratum corneum and lock it in, to create a long-lasting hydration and improve natural barrier function, bringing a soothing effect.

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    Waterin Plus

    This green moisturizer, made of carboydrate complex derived from sugarcane mimics the carbohydrate composition found in the stratum corneum to lock water and provide long-term hydration.

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  • Active ingredients for oily skin


    BioDTox is an extract rich in potent molecules: citrus flavonoids, aloe polyphenols and broccoli sulforaphane. It activates the detoxification enzymes, to reduce over-production of sebum by the skin even in polluted environments.

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    Gesolza is a powerful blend of Pinus densiflora, Citrus junos and Artemisia annua. It targets the key bacteria population involved in acne-prone skin and limits lipid accumulation in sebocytes to normalize acne-prone skin.

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  • Ingredients for skin repair

    Ethience Protect

    Ethience Protect is an extract from Brazil nuts sustainably collected in the Amazon rainforest. It repairs and reinforce the skins compromised by daily aggressions. 

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  • Soothing active ingredients


    This extract from the roots of Coptis chinensis modulates the population of Candida albicans, a yeast responsible for vaginal irritation and sensitive reactions.

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    Eosidin is an extract of unripe Citrus unshiu cultivated in jeju island. This powerful skin immuno-modulator reduces inflammation reactions to relieve sensitive skins. 

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    MultiEx BSASM

    This blend of 7 plant extracts known for their many virtues provides a strong anti-irritation effect, to efficiently soothe sensitive skins.

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