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Electronic invoices are a proven way to speed up invoice processing and reduce environmental impact. Thousands of our suppliers across the globe have switched to electronic invoicing to date. 

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  • Help support the environment 
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the general requirements for invoices?
Invoices submitted to Clairant must adhere to certain fiscal and company requirements. The perfect invoice includes: 
  • Clariant’s full name and address (as provided in EDI or on your paper shipment order)
  • Clariant’s shipment number. (Please refer to EDI or paper shipment order) or any other reference number provided by Clariant 
  • Gross, net and tax value
  • Your company’s VAT number
  • Clariant’s VAT number
  • Your bank details

Is a paper invoice required?
No. A paper invoice (or copies thereof) is not required and can delay processing. Please do not send a paper invoice.

Where should I send my invoice?
You can send your invoice to Clariant quickly and easily using the online submission form

I want to send my invoice direct from my email systems. Where can I find the correct email address?
All mailbox addresses, which differ by country can be downloaded here.

What data types are acceptable? 

Only original PDF and TIF documents can be accepted. 

Do I need to send my invoice as one file?
Yes. Invoice-related documents such as delivery notes, packing lists, bill of lading or air way bills, extra costs documents etc. should be attached to the invoice and sent together in one PDF or TIF file. Do not split multipage invoices into separate attachments. One file per invoice. Supporting information can be included in e-mail body if necessary.

How many invoices can I send in one email?
You may send up to 50 invoices per one email – each invoice in separate attachments. One file for one invoice and all its supporting documents.

What could prevent my invoice being accepted?
Check your invoice for the following:
  • PDF /TIF format 
  • Created directly from original document
  • Only one complete file per invoice
  • Alphanumeric file names (avoid special characters) 
  • Maximum 10 MB per mail
  • Invoice information aligns with Clariant requirements 

Is there are cost to using electronic invoicing? 
No. Sending your invoice via the website or direct to our email box is charge free. 

May I use the e-invoicing address for queries?

No – these mailboxes are no-reply. If you have an accounting queries please contact your Accounts Payable Service Desk via our web form.

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