A Business Area Catalysis é a menor dentro da Clariant em termos de vendas, mas é altamente rentável, com taxa de crescimento elevada e variação cíclica relativamente baixa.


Business Area Catalysis includes Business Unit Catalysts and Business Line Biofuels & Derivatives contributing significantly to value creation in our customers’ operations, ensuring that finite raw materials and energy are used efficiently and effectively, ensuring quality and yield of processes.

Customer Segments
  • Chemical production (Petro, Olefin and Derivatives, Polyolefin, Industrial gases, Hydrogen, Refinery)
  • Fuel processing
  • Custom catalysts
  • Second-generation biofuels 
  • Biochemical intermediates
Business Driver
  • Improving energy efficiency in chemical production
  • Decarbonization of the transport sector
  • Sustainable, emission-free mobility solutions
  • Circular economy solutions through the extensive use of renewable resources
  • Increasing legal requirements for renewable energy sources