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Safebrake 20 M (DOT 5.1) class7

The low-viscosity premium - a paradigm brake fluid

Data da edição :
outubro 24, 2021
Safebrake® 20 M (DOT 5.1) class7  - a low viscosity DOT 5.1 brake fluid. Fullfills the new ISO 4925:2020 class 7 requirements. Safebrake® 20 M (DOT 5.1) class7 lv is based on glycols, glycol ethers, the corresponding borates, anti corrosion additives and anti-oxidants.


  • Extreme high boiling point and low viscosity at cold temperatures combined
  • No failure of the brake system through extremely high boiling points
  • No corrosion of the brake system trough a well designed inhibitor package
  • No abrasion of the brake system components trough optimal lubricants
  • Compatible with all materials used in the brake system
  • Fulfills superbly chemical and thermal stability tests
  • Long service life and very reliable operation
  • Compatible with other DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 glycol ether brakefluid
  • Brake Fluid


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Safebrake 20 M (DOT 5.1) class7

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Technical Data

Boiling Point [°C] > 265
Wet Boiling Point [°C]
Viscosity at -40°C [mm2/s]


Safebrake® 20 M (DOT 5.1) class7 lv was specially developed for vehicles with electronic ESP/DSC - Driving Stability Systems. The fluid is characterized by an extreme low temperature viscosity and a very high wet boiling point. A brake fluid for the future: all in one.