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PVC Stabilizers

Sustainable and environmentally friendly PVC stabilizers: SORBACID® hydrotalcites

SORBACID® hydrotalcites create new opportunities in the processing and manufacturing of flexible, rigid and transparent PVC products. Window profiles, high temperatures cables, coated wires, pipes and a variety of other PVC products are already being stabilized using SORBACID®, thus contributing to a safe and sustainable future of PVC. SORBACID® works best in conjunction with Ca/Zn stabilizer systems creating an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and heavy-metal free alternative for PVC stabilization.

When it comes to polyolefin stabilization, Clariant’s HYCITE® is the material of choice. It effectively neutralizes catalyst residues form the olefin polymerization process, prevents deactivation of functional additives like phosphates and HALS, and enhances overall stabilization performance.


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