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PTFE-free additives: innovation, simplicity, and performance.

Thumbnail Video PTFEfree solutions innovation simplicity and performance 202403 EN

Clariant’s additives solutions are 100% PTFE-free & PFAS-free.

Clariant Thumbnail Video PTFE-free transparency 202403 EN

Licocare® RBW VITA for coatings

Clariant Thumbnail Video RBW Coatings 202403 EN

From rice grain to Licocare® RBW Vita

Thumbnail Clariant Licocare rice bran waxes video

Licocene® performance polymers and waxes

Clariant Image Licocene Performance Polymers And Waxes 20230509

Additives for coatings

Clariant Image Additives For Coatings 20230509

Additives for plastics

Clariant Image Additives For Plastics 20230509

Biomass balance-based Terra line

Clariant Image Biomass Balance 20230509

Licocare® rice bran waxes

Plastics lubrication made highly effective and sustainable – Licocare® RBW Vita

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