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Advanced Surface Solutions -
discover the magic touch of innovative waxes and polymers

Value-creating wax additives and performance polymers for a wide variety of applications

Clariant is a leading global player in the development, production and distribution of wax additives and performance polymers. Our high-quality portfolio comprises a broad variety of solutions, such as biobased rice bran waxes, montan waxes, polyolefin waxes and polymers, fatty acid derivatives, as well as wax blends and emulsions. Our products are available in many forms, ranging from granules to very fine, micronized powders and ready-to-use dispersions.

Whether you are looking for high-performing PE wax or PP wax, additives based on montan wax or amide wax, hot melts, or specialty waxes and PTFE-free solutions: The precision-tailored offerings from our well-known Licocene®, Licowax®, Licomont®, Licocare® and Licolub® lines are sure to smooth your path to better products and processes.

See how we add value to the industries we serve

All the great things you can do with wax from a single high-quality source

With our long-standing expertise and focus on research and application development, we are able to systematically develop innovative and sustainable solutions, characterized by a strong orientation towards the demands of our target markets and the requirements of our customers.

We provide high-performing wax additives and performance polymers for plastics, coatings, and ink applications. Our versatile and innovative offering in these categories is complemented by an attractive choice of hot melts and polymeric wax additives for adhesives, as well as by a wide range of products for special applications, such as agricultural coatings and surface cleaning.

We offer a broad range of customer services along with these products, most notably with first-class technical support from our many application and market experts around the globe.

Expertise and eco-commitment you can trust - key benefits of our wax solutions


Dedicated techno-commercial teams full of application knowledge and ready to create customer value


A growing offering of products recognized as sustainable by third parties, as well as solutions carrying our own EcoTain® label for sustainability excellence


Problem-specific solutions for plastics, coatings, inks, adhesives and agriculture products that help our customers stay ahead

Watch how we innovate to improve sustainability and performance

With the sustainable, high-performing solutions from our Licocene® and Licocare® lines, we take the enhancement of waxes and their applications to the next level.

Looking for more from wax additives? Just go by the numbers!

Production plants
and 3 application labs across the globe
with a Renewable Carbon Index greater than 50%
Dedicated market teams
brimming with expertise on the industries we serve

Hot of the press news

  • October 26, 2023
    Clariant and Technical University of Munich celebrate renewal of sustainability and catalysis alliance “MuniCat”
    Clariant and Technical University of Munich (TUM) have renewed their long-term strategic alliance in the field of research and application of new catalyst systems.
  • April 06, 2023
    Clariant additives add up to a better future for plastic at Chinaplas 2023 exhibition
    In the upcoming Chinaplas 2023 exhibition to be held in Shenzhen, China on 17-20 April 2023, Clariant will present how its versatile additive solutions are adding extra values and new dimensions for the future of the plastic industry. Highlighted in the Clariant booth will be the new AddWorks PKG 158 that offers huge performance enhancement on packaging, in addition to the AddWorks PKG 906 Circle and AddWorks AGC 970 G stabilizers that are valuable in plastic film recycling and extending its service life. Also in the spotlight will be the highly functional Exolit OP 1400 flame retardant that facilitates mechanical recycling. The high-performing wax additives of Licocare Vita / Licocene Terra, and the sustainability-focused Licocare RBW Vita are the other highlights in the show.
  • March 29, 2023
    Clariant & Omya capitalize on the benefits of label-free innovation for SMP sealants
    Clariant and Omya joined forces on a new project to tackle customers' concerns related to the yellowing of the increasingly popular SMP (silane modified polymers) sealants. The results of their collaboration addressed the yellowing issue whilst delivering a label-free solution with higher light and heat performance versus standard solutions in the market. The partners are proud to introduce AddWorks IBC 760 to ECS 2023 visitors.

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    Appreciating the needs of our customers is one of the leading priorities for us. As part of our on-going efforts to enhance the service towards customers we have developed a condensed and practical overview of our service and delivery standards.

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