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Taking drone-assisted pest management to new heights

Drone spraying is already spreading its wings and set to become a crucial tool in the increasingly data-driven and outcome-oriented practices of precision farming. For drone-assisted pest management to fully take off and overcome the challenges still holding it down, agrochemical applications have to be more precisely adjusted to its needs.


We have created DropForward: a focused approach to providing drone-specific adjuvants and formulations. We offer our customers Synergen® DRT: the first solution to come out of our DropForward »flight program.«

Clariant Image Agriculture Drone Fly To Sprayed fertilizer on the_01-02-2022

A quick overview of benefits

We present

  • A leading-edge drift control agent and biological activator that boosts the performance of drone spraying
  • A sustainable yet powerful adjuvant that enhances the application efficiency in a wide range of real-world settings
Icon Drift Control 20220228

Superior drift control

Icon Leaf With Drops 20220228

Active ingredient penetration enhancer

Clariant Icon Improved Eco CompatibilityMinus 20220301

Suitable for ultra low tank volumes

Synergen® DRT controls drift effectively

In our trials with 2,4-D on cotton, our adjuvant showed much better control of drift in low wind conditions.

Clariant Image Field Trial Cotton With 20220223

With Synergen® DRT (low drift)

Clariant Image Field Trial Cotton Without 20220223

Without Synergen® DRT (critical drift)​

Weather conditions

Location: Piracicaba, Brazil 

Temperature: 26.4 ºC

Relative humidity 51%

Wind speed: 0.5 m/s

Robust reduction of driftable fines

Synergen® DRT as drift retardant in presence of critical glyphosate products or more complex combinations

Image Robust Reduction Of Driftable Fines 20220302

Synergen® DRT: Penetration enhancer and drift retardant

Improvement of foliar penetration

Herbicide Metazachlor with Synergen® DRT added

Image ImprovementOf Foliar Penetration 20220302

Controlling coffee rust – Enhanced results when added to fungicides

Application of mixture of 2 fungicide products (1. Cyproconazole EC 100 + 2. Methyl Tiophanate WP 850)

Clariant Image Controlling Coffee Rust 20220303
Clariant Image Disease Control 20220303

Suitable for ultra-low tank volumes

Compatibility in the drone spray tank –
Glufosinate and various drift-retarding adjuvants for drones



0.25%  0.5%   1%  2.50%
Spray tank with

and adjuvants in different
concentrations added up
with tap water to 100%



NIS Blend

   6h  6h  6h  30min  
  Methylated seed oil  
   6h  6h  <2h  15min  
  Synergen® DRT

Synergen® DRT stable up to
4h in tank-mix with high-load
glufosinate formulation

   6h 6h 4h 4h
  Vegetable oil  
  30min  6h 6h 6h  

Examples of Synergen DRT tank-mix formulations

Clariant Image Tank 20220303

Compatibility Synergen DRT and herbicides

Clariant Image Compatibility 20220303

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