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Automotive Brake Fluids


The automotive industry is constantly redefining the technical requirements for all components used in the assembly of automobiles. Clariant’s innovative solutions and products are designed to increase performance and exceed the requirements of the international standards ensuring the best possible safety for all passengers.

Discover our innovative and high performing brake fluids and coolants which provide long term reliability and safety.

When will you upgrade your product range with Safebrake Life LV?

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You already take care of your health; continue doing so by using Safebrake Life LV in your car maintenance.

Explore the applications

  • Brake fluids
    Clariant's brake fluids Safebrake® are based on glycol ethers. All Clariant brake fluids meet and exceed all relevant worldwide specifications.
  • Safebrake® Life LV
    Safebrake Life LV is a unique borate ester-free DOT 4 Class 4 brake fluid. Its innovative and advanced formulation even fulfills DOT 4 Class 6 viscosity equirements. It is the first DOT 4 CMR-label-free fluid* achieving excellent performance with a high boiling point and high fluidity important for safety, sustainability and well-being.


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