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VITA range: 100% bio-based polyglycols and surfactants

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Low carbon solutions for the carbon challenge

As our climate gives us increasing and alarming signals of change, individuals and industries are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprints and the demand for sustainable chemicals is set to grow strongly in the coming years. Clariant is committed to fostering the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy and has a growing share of biobased products and processing aids in its portfolio.

The Vita surfactants are CO₂ emissions savers: they can help save up to 85% of CO₂ emissions compared to their fossil counterparts.

Maximize green carbon content

Our new VITA range of fully segregated, carbon reducing and 100% bio-based polyglycols and surfactants set a new standard in sustainable surfactants.

Clariant Icon Biodegradable Product Leaf 20201006

100% bio-based surfactant

Clariant Icon Production Fabric Industry 20201006

Fully segregated material flows

Clariant Icon Non-Toxic Erlenmeyer Flask 20201006

Same performance as fossil-based analogue

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Supports high RCI formulations

Clariant Icon Less Emissions Low Emission Technology 20201006

Lower CO₂e footprint

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Eliminates fossil carbon emissions

VITA is our green carbon solution for helping to restore the earth's carbon balance.

When comparing the value chain of conventional surfactants and those of our VITA range, it’s easy to see the difference. Instead of starting with crude oil and ending up with 100% fossil carbon, VITA starts from plants and leads to 100% renewable-based results.

Product range highlights

Our Vita range of 100% bio-based surfactants and PEGs provides solutions for a variety of industries:

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