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Defining Personal Care trends with BeautyForward

BeautyForward is Clariant's trend guide for the Personal Care industry. With the goal of entering into dialogue with potential customers, the guide shows the current trends that inspire new individuals, new every-days, new behaviors and rituals, and finally, new products, textures and formulations for the future of the Personal Care sector.

Beautyforward edition 5: The trends driving consumer behavior

Celebrating unity and togetherness
Soothe + Cool Facial Serum
Hair to be beautiful Elixir
Where hygiene meets beauty
SanitiZ ‘n’ Care
Solid formats for plastic-free packaging
Nourishing Bath Melt
Hair Necessities Bar

More trends, formulation concepts and previous editions of BeautyForward

Fantasy Formulations
Appealing to all the senses
Insta-ready smoothing primer jelly
Cosmic Glitter Hair & Body Gel
Embracing Aging
Celebrating regeneration, renewal and radiance
Illuminating hair silver nectar
Complete radiance system ampoules
Active Beauty
Convenient, travelling-friendly and mess-free
Don’t bottle it solid shampoo
Clear as day SPF50+ stick
Carbon conscious
High renewable carbon index and plant-based
Conscious detox face wash
Skinification of Hair Care
Skin care ingredients in scalp care
Postbiotic Restorative Scalp Serum
Inspired by J-Beauty
Energizing Water Cream
Rebalancing Scalp Toner
From traditional sources to advanced actives
D-Stress Jelly Face Serum
Nourishing Hand Mask
Bohemian Delight
Embrace The Earth Connection
Moisturizing Nectar
Nourishing Crème
Hand Care Routine
Skin cleansing and moisturizing
Refreshing hand sanitizer
Natural shower gel
Bridging wellness & beauty
Radiance rosé face mask
Firming red face mask
Crystal Clear
Transparent formulations
Dual body mist
Plumping splash lipstick
Free-from formulations
Amazonian exfoliating cleansing powder
Ageless bounce cream
Surprising the senses
This is not a balm
This is not a lotion
Playing with Beauty
Fun & memorable formats
Play! Body care bar
Mix! Face care mousse
Travel-friendly formats
#ReFRESH Anywhere facial cleanser
#ReTAIN Anywhere protection
Lucrative formulations
Pamplemousse splash
Berry-silky body yogurt
Radiance Me
Skin glow
Jelly faceguard
Bouncy jelluminator
Naturally Me
High RCI formulations
CBDStress infused facial serum
Voilà! Replenishing night cream
Soap Bars
Soap bars with natural ingredients
SkinCare Deodorizing / SkinCare
Caring / HairCare Conditioning
Improving skin texture
Pure skin cream gel
Pure hair conditioner
Shine, radiance & glitter
After sun skin care
Look beauty balm
Mild, nourishing & caring
Serum for sensitive skin
Mild sulfate free shampoo
Stronger, healthier hair & skin
Dare body cream
Dare hair conditioner
Adaptable formulations
Hair gelée
Face serum
Traditional skin & hair ingredients
Origin nutrivive hair mask
Facial honey gel
Surprising textures
Reloaded scalp mist
Youth activating milky way
Indulgent formulations
Fiber firewall for straight hair
Fiber firewall for wavy hair
Blue Gold
Solid & water-free
Dry shampoo
Jelly wash
Environmentally responsible
Happy body mousse
Good stuff hair masks
Guardian Angel
Protection of skin & hair
Multi defense lotion SPF 15
Climate defense serum SPF 15
Redefining Eden
Beauty has no gender
Skin & hair pomade
Neutral facial cleanser

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