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Packages & concentrates

Our portfolio include selected performance packages such as emulsifier, inhibitor and lubricating packages as well as and ready-to-use packages for metal working fluids, de-watering fluids and compressor oils for cooling units.


ILPackages  Concentrates

Product highlights

  • Emulsogen 3971 N
    Emulsogen 3971 N is an emulsifier package with good corrosion protecting properties for milky, opaque and transparent metal working fluids and fire resistant hydraulic fluids. Emulsogen 3971 N is dispersible in water and in mineral oil. Mineral oil based formulations show no gelation tendency, form spontaneously emulsions and are stable in hard water.
  • Emulsogen T
    Emulsogen T is a emulsifier package for metal working emulsions based on vegetable oils. Emulsogen T is tailored for optimum emulsification of most triglycerides.
  • Hostacor IT
    Hostacor IT is a pre-neutralized, low foaming corrosion inhibitor mainly used in cutting & grinding fluids, in rolling emulsions and water-based hydraulic fluids (HFA-E, HFA-S). Hostacor IT is an excellent corrosion inhibitors for steel and show very good hard water stability. It can be used alone or in combination with other water-soluble corrosion inhibitors or lubricants.
  • Lubricant Additive 1655 N
    Lubricant Additive 1655 N is a performance package for industrial lubricants based on polyalkylene glycols. Main characteristics of gear oils containing this package are:Excellent extreme anti-wear (EP/AW) properties increasing load carrying properties and lubricity Highly improved thermo-oxidative stability Corrosion protectionIncreased life-time

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